Video: Just Stop Oil activists disrupt the eSports tournament

A group of Just Stop Oil activists disrupted the Tekken e-sports tournament organized by the Egyptian Stock Exchange yesterday in the United Kingdom. They tried to spray paint on the big screen and also targeted players’ screens.

Then they started giving another speech before security took them away. They were allegedly later arrested by the Metropolitan Police.

Activists had great things to say about games and gamers, such as the fact that players often work together to win, and that games allow us to escape into new dimensions.

Then, of course, these things were used to reinforce their message. For example, everyone now has to work together against the use of oil and gas, the “real world physics” that would cause millions of deaths. It’s time to take action, protesters say, or it’s game over.

You can of course think some things about the use of fossil fuels, but it doesn’t seem very effective to disrupt an eSports event when the only players you want to convince are on your side.

Previously, these activists also targeted artworks in museums, while nowadays they also regularly attempt to obstruct traffic, whether by sticking to the street or not. Again, it’s basically a way to turn people against you so that they will genuinely want to listen to you, of course.

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