Video preview of Acer Halo Smart Speaker

the creator Acer It recently announced the Halo Smart speaker. This smart speaker comes with Google Assistant, in addition to RGB and LED lighting. Our video editor Paulien tested the smart speaker and you will find her opinion on it in this video review.

RGB and LED lighting

The base contains RGB lighting that interacts with your music. Music Mode can be used for this. The speaker also comes with a night light mode which is warm but not too bright. Residential LED lighting can also be customized via the accompanying app. You can adjust graphics or lighting to your liking. Then they both move to the rhythm of the music.

The smart speaker also has DTS Sound and two far field technology microphones. The pair can distinguish between ambient noise and your voice so they can instantly respond to your commands. With 360-degree acoustic projection, you can also fill the entire room with music.

The speaker also supports WiFi 5 (802.11 AC) and Bluetooth 5.0. With the latter function, you can connect multiple devices and travel up to 120 meters from the speaker. If you don’t want Google Assistant to listen, turn off the microphone with the switch on top of the speaker. There you will also find the media keys to pause / play the music or adjust the volume.

Buy the Acer Halo smart speaker

The Acer Halo Smart Speaker costs € 129 and can be purchased among other things Computer science.

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