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This game, which players have to stay in, has been available since February and is still under development. Valheim, which can be played on PC, is one of the most popular games of the moment. And while there is still work to be done, many players spend hours behind their keyboard.

What is that?

Valheim is like a good movie in which the different ingredients are mixed together to achieve a great result: a little survival, a little exploration and a little role-playing. Swedish studio Iron Gate Studio is responsible for this amazing set, as video game players are usually given one of these two components, or two, maximum. The game has not yet been officially released, however Early access. This means that the title is for sale and thus can be operated, but much will change in the near future. For example, Iron Gate has released an overview of the regions and enemies that will be added to the game this year.

Players will dive into a world where Vikings end up dead because they have to prove themselves before they can enter Heaven, Halla. They must do so by fighting various monsters and defeating Odin’s enemies who invade Earth. Heim is a procedurally constructed world, with different regions. You start out in relatively quiet meadows, after which you can head over to The Black Forest. Currently there are nine different regions in total, each with more difficult and less difficult enemies, and their own resources.

Construction is also necessary to keep yourself alive; To maintain your stamina, you’ll need to keep your character warm with fire at night and you’ll always be on the lookout for enough food to not go hungry.

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Is it something?

At first glance, Valheim doesn’t seem very special. Graphically, the game isn’t much, but it does use simple cartoon-like graphics. Once you get used to it, you will discover that the game sometimes looks beautiful. Especially the starry sky a pleasure to watch. Some parts of the game are pixelated in such a way that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the parts; Iron is difficult to find, for example, because it is lost in the environment.

The game wouldn’t be a big challenge for the veterans of other RPGs. Valheim is accessible and you can make it as tough as you want. Some bosses will be challenging, but it can also be done well with a little practice. The most fun way to play this game is with friends. It is possible to create a server on which you can play with up to ten other players. This is actually how you can experience the most unusual and funny things in the game.

Valheim’s magic is not in playing through the story and defeating all bosses as quickly as possible, despite the fact that this is well put together. You will spend the most hours, and that’s very little, exploring your world, gathering resources and building the greatest Vikings’ homes. In this respect, Valheim is comparable to Minecraft and almost addictive. A kind of virtual LEGO game.

Pros and Cons

+ Accessible gameplay

+ Addictive building system

+ Sometimes the game looks pretty

– Low image quality is sometimes a annoyance

– Maybe a little easy for veterans

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Valheim is a very addicting game where you always want to finish something else before you stop. In addition to the hours you can spend defeating enemies, you can spend a lot of time exploring and building. Just be sure to gather some friends together to get the most out of the game. You’d also rather watch a good Viking series with friends than watch a Viking series alone!

There are some small disadvantages, such as very low at times Graphics The difficulty is low, especially in the beginning. But these shortcomings definitely do not outweigh the fact that you can easily get into Valheim to immerse yourself in the world. It is also important to remember that Valheim is still under development, and that a lot will change and be added in the near future. With this in mind, we cannot help but submit to the wonderful Vikings culture. Odin will be proud of it.

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