Vogue publishes a “correct” cover edition of …

After criticizing the selected cover with US Vice President Kamala Harris, fashion magazine “Vogue” decided to release a “special” version with the appropriate image.

Vogue It was met with a storm of criticism because the cover photo for Kamala Harris was not approved by the Vice President’s team and was not liked by the public at all. Although editor-in-chief Anna Wintour defended the critical cover for the first time, fashion magazine has now decided to release a “special” edition with the appropriate image.

Vogue announced on Instagram that a “ special ” edition of its January issue will be released, which includes: “ As a result of this historic moment, we will be publishing a limited number of the #InaugurationDay Special Edition, in which our Vice President Kamala Harris appears on the cover. ” . Cover photo is unlike the cover photo chosen at the beginning which has been heavily criticized.

In the “new” cover photo, the Vice President is officially shown wearing a light blue Michael Kors suit. This photo was originally supposed to be picked by the Harris team as the cover photo, but upon publication it was revealed that the fashion magazine had chosen a different image. The general public could not taste the picture at all. He thought the photo was too unprofessional, too sloppy and unworthy of a vice president.

Both photos were taken by Tyler Mitchell, who became the first African American to have the cover photo for the September 2018 issue of Vogue He was allowed to make, in part thanks to the celebrity who took his place in front of his lens: Beyoncé.

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