Voice messages on WhatsApp get sound waves

In a world where more and more people are using Bluetooth earbuds, we see it too often Voice messages Via WhatsApp it turned out not to be registered at all. You don’t see it, because you only see a line with a dot above it. That will change soon. The sound waves should give you an idea of ​​whether something has already been recorded.

WhatsApp audioberichten

It’s still rumored because WhatsApp hasn’t announced anything about it per se. It seems likely, because the source is very reliable. Moreover, WhatsApp has been improving everything in the field of voice messaging for a while now. These are becoming more common, because people don’t have their hands free to type in the car, for example, or because some stories sound more fun when you tell them rather than text.

A month ago it became possible to play voice messages, also known as sounds, at an accelerated rate. This way you can play a message and listen to it faster without it being untraceable. You can play a voice message normally, 1.5 times faster, or 2 times faster. Admittedly, if someone is naturally quick to speak, playing at double speed can be very fast. Moreover, there is also the possibility that you will not hear some of the nuances in someone’s voice.

sound waves

come now The WhatsApp – Maybe – with something new, which is to see sound waves. This not only makes it easy to see if something has been recorded, but you can also see how loud the waves are. WEBetaInfo writes about it on Instagram, with a video that instantly shows this new offer of voice messages. It’s not just about voice messages that were sent once. Even if you’re still recording, you can adjust your volume based on the height of the waves.

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Also new is the presence of a button to stop recording. This is useful, as it means that you can listen to what you have to say before you send it. Now you have to listen quickly as soon as something is sent, which sometimes causes uncomfortable moments. You can now prevent this by first listening to the message yourself. Including sound waves.

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