“Vortex” directed by Gaspar Noé won the Grand Prize for Best Film at the Ghent Film Festival: “A true work of art” (Ghent)

Gaspar Noé on the red carpet in Ghent. © if

French-Argentine director Gaspar Noé’s drama “Vortex” won the Grand Prize for Best Film by the International Jury on Friday evening at the 48th Gent Film Festival.

GVsource: Belgian

The movie “Vortex” tells the story of an elderly couple, whose name has not been revealed. In their ramshackle Parisian apartment, “Father,” performed by the great Italian artist Dario Argento, takes care of his crazy wife between composing his book on the relationship between dreams and movies. She is a retired psychiatrist played by French icon Françoise Lebrun, who started “Vortex” by leaving her husband in bed to make a cup of coffee.

The international jury, composed of Helnor Palmasson, Lucas Bellevue, composer Florencia di Consiglio and chairperson of the jury Doreen Boncamp, speaks of “a true work of art”. “We admire the music scene, originality, directing, editing and script, but also the mix of sound, sound design and the exceptional performance of the actors. The duality of interaction between split screens creates nothing less than a true work of art.”

Noe personally received his award from the jury. This came during the closing ceremony prior to the screening of the closing movie, The French Dispatch.

“Clara Sola” won the Georges Delerue Award for Best Music

The Costa Rican-Swedish film Natalie Alvarez Messin “Clara Sola” won the award for best music. The four-member jury, which also included composer Florencia Di Concilio, awarded the so-called Georges Delerue Prize for the upcoming magical-realistic film presented by Ghent-based Robin de Gesell, with the score.

That result was the result of an intense process of work and dialogue between him and Alvarez Messen, says the latter. It seems that “one of the first things I said to Robin was that there would be no references”. Set in Costa Rica, the film tells the story of three wonderful women from many generations. The four judges found it comforting to rediscover that music can not only be composed and performed well, but is essential and even necessary.

In addition to a distribution bonus of €10,000, the prize also includes a €12,000 media campaign.

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