Want to propose to your partner? These places are very popular

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If you are still looking for inspiration for the big question, British fashion brand N.Peal will help you. They used hashtags like #proposal and #engagement to find the most popular places to propose to someone. What do you think? Europe, Asia and the United States are especially popular for engagement photos on Instagram. Yes, it is a clich, but Paris is above the head and shoulders.

Top Ten Most Popular Engagement Places

1. Paris, France (43,400 publications)

2. Bali, Indonesia (28,700 publications)

3. New York, USA (22,000 publications)

4. London, United Kingdom (13,000 publications)

5. Rome, Italy (5,900 publications)

6. Venice, Italy (4,900 publications)

7. Santorini, Greece (3,000 publications)

8. Barcelona, ​​Spain (2,252 publications)

9. Kauai, Hawaii (1,976 publications)

10. Grand Canyon, USA (1,168 publications)

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