Warning? Russia separates from the International Space Station (ISS) in a propaganda video | to know

Publicity photos show astronauts saying goodbye to their colleagues on the International Space Station and entering the Russian segment. Then they separated the clip and watched the sunset. All this is accompanied by cheerful music.

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Thus, Russia’s cooperation with the International Space Station has come into question. Last week, Russia also canceled several cooperation on the International Space Station: “The Russian space program will be modified due to the sanctions. He said at the time that the priority is making satellites in the interests of defense.”

Russia’s Aerospace Chief Dmitry Rogozin earlier warned that Russia’s exit could have serious consequences: “Who will ensure that the International Space Station in the United States or Europe does not crash if it stops working with us? There is also a possibility that a 500-ton structure could collide with China or India.” The International Space Station does not fly over Russia, so you are already in danger.”

The United States and Russia are working closely together on the International Space Station. NASA is responsible for supplying electricity and supporting life. Russia provides the thrust that keeps the station in Earth orbit.

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