Warning to El Salvador from the United States

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Bitcoin Core is no longer available for download by Brits thanks to Craig Wright’s action

The lawsuit brought by Craig Wright over the Bitcoin white paper has left a bad taste. Since this white paper is also on the blockchain, the Bitcoin Core software may not be downloaded by people visiting the website from the UK.

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It’s about bitcoin.org. Craig Wright “won” a lawsuit earlier this week from Cobra, a pseudonym that runs and operates the site. Wright claims to own the copyright to the white paper.

‘Bitcoin network runs 56% on sustainable energy’

The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) has released figures on the network’s energy mix for the first time in the nascent history of the North American Bitcoin Miners Alliance. According to the group, the energy mix of bitcoin in the second quarter of 2021 will consist of 56 percent of renewable energy.

“Bitcoin uses less energy, is quickly becoming more efficient and has a higher proportion of renewables in the mix than nearly all major countries and industries,” reads the BMC press release.

US diplomat warns El Salvador

Victoria Noland, a representative of the US government, called on El Salvador to be “responsible” for the adoption of bitcoin. According to Nuland, the country must ensure that bitcoin is properly regulated in the new legal framework that is being prepared to rename bitcoin as legal tender in the country.

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Nuland is an American diplomat and former Secretary of State in the State Department.

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