Watch US Netflix? This is how you do it on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

Do you want to watch American Netflix to watch a larger selection of movies? You can do that very easily. Here’s how to do it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Watch US Netflix

Netflix is ​​by far the most expensive streaming service in the Netherlands, and while the range is amazing, there are a lot of series and movies missing. Many of them ended up on other streaming services, or weren’t available at all — but that doesn’t apply to every country.

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Many movies and series that cannot be seen here can be watched on US Netflix. And with the help of a VPN, you can easily access American Netflix on all your Apple devices from the Netherlands (or anywhere).

What VPN should I use?

There are now an insane amount of VPN services that you can use for this purpose, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and TunnelBear. As a result, you can no longer see the forest for the trees. But newcomer ClearVPN 2, from the maker of well-known Mac apps like CleanMyMac, Gemini 2, and The Unarchiver, is a more interesting option.


ClearVPN 2 costs a lot less than the rest: €21 for a six-month subscription. It also works on all your devices: iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as Windows PC and Android. And from tvOS 17 — the September update — Apple TV is also supported. In this way, you can also easily watch American Netflix on your TV.

Read more about ClearVPN 2

Watch Netflix USA

After you set up your VPN and connect to the US via your VPN service, you can access Netflix as normal. Then the app (or site) automatically displays the US domain. However, you often have to close the app via the multitasking menu (swipe from bottom to top and hold for a while) and open it again.

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Netflix picture-in-picture

Want to know in advance if American Netflix has what you’re looking for? Then use Netflix GlobalSearch. This shows you for every series or movie in which country it can be viewed. And if it’s only on UK Netflix, for example, you have to set your VPN to UK to watch it.

other broadcast services

This VPN trick also works with many other streaming services that are available out there, such as Disney+. You can expand almost all streaming services with a VPN!

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