We live in a fully digital everyday life. No one will ever get involved in procrastination over the years.”

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Refer to the Article by Therese and Hans RistExpectant mothers and new mothers in 2021.

Nordland Up Women’s Network is responding to the fact that nothing happened.

The current health scheme for pregnant women has not changed since 1984 and does not fully reflect the digital development of society. Women still need to make sure they bring both originals and copies with them at every consultation – not least when they are already about to give birth. More than 30 years ago, it is still handwritten. About 60,000 pregnant women perform about 720,000 medical consultations annually. All must bring their handwritten health card papers. This is an important means of communication between the doctor and the midwife, and between the General Directorate of Surgery and the specialized health services. Helps ensure quality and detect potential risks to the woman and fetus. In addition, they serve as legal documents.

As historiography says: “It seems rudimentary and cumbersome. The lack of communication between different agencies is ineffective and weaknesses can be serious.”

In the 2017 state budget, the government put 20 million on the table for electronic health cards for pregnant women. The matter went to the Directorate of Electronic Health. Now the pace of work has picked up after many years of waiting for an electronic card to ensure better tax oversight. This is 4 years ago.

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The Nordland Women’s Action Network thinks this is a pillow and an excuse, so they’re putting off an almost poignant settlement. 60,000 pregnant women a year and their partners to create a “comprehensive” system for mothers.

Have pregnant users heard of the process? Where did the 20 million go?

Dear Bent Hoi: We live a completely digital life. No man will get stuck in procrastination over the years.

The Nordland Working Women’s Network is calling for the introduction of electronic health cards for pregnant women as a high priority for the authorities. We believe that the government, which has its own minister for digitization, has failed in this regard. Totally agree with expectant parents who also claim that we are now a society with a forced digital epidemic, and that this is a golden opportunity for those in the most important job in the world to have something other than pen and paper as work tools?

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