We need to talk about men’s mental health

Not for everyone, but it is difficult for many men to know how to express feelings. It has become the principle that men should be strong and masculine, and that showing emotions can be weak. This is something that needs more treatment!

As a man, he realized it was a challenge to be able to hit the alarm button. “If I say something, am I really a man enough?” It is an idea that comes to mind. “What will others think?” , Different. Feeling weak, feeling weak, feeling like getting help is a detachment from masculinity. It’s time to end the stigma surrounding a man’s mental health.

Likewise, expectations are high. Correct clothing, body shape and self-image. But what really happens if you don’t want or can’t live up to the ideal guy? Not all men get good grades in physical subjects, and not everyone can look like Superman. On the other hand, the ideal exists anyway.

It’s time to end the stigma surrounding a man’s mental health.

It is Mikel

Today, advertising posters are full of us, both for a beautiful body, but also for fun. Everything looks good, but this is not always the case. Is it any wonder that so many men suffer, but very few people get help?

We must not forget that there are several reasons why men fail to communicate. The underlying problem may have followed it since childhood, or one may have thoughts about the importance of looking strong. You guys, it’s time to ignore!

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Maybe we also have something we can learn from preschoolers? For them, one can cry when it feels right. If you like, you can dress up for them. You can draw princesses or drive mini cars as long as you play. There is no deception to be yourself. You can have a hug anyway.

In today’s society, there is an idealized idea of ​​how to be a man. You should get good grades, have a good laugh, and feel comfortable in every role. From TV shows like Firefighter Sam to commercial posters, it’s tough and clumsy to hear. Maybe it’s time to be honest about men crying, too?

The principle of stable masculinity must be built, as must the principle that men can be affected. Guys, it’s okay to ask for help. We all do that sometimes

Originally published as a letter addressed to the reader in the student newspaper, Universitas.

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