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Anyone looking forward to spring weather will have to be patient for a little while longer. Winter is coming, with a high probability of winter rain in Flanders, especially from Tuesday. The cooler temperatures are due in part to intense warming in the stratosphere, David Dehenau asserts.



“This phenomenon actually happened in two episodes,” the weatherman explains. “The warming we saw on February 15th had no effect.”

However, the second warm-up occurred a little later. East winds in the stratosphere have reached the lowest layers of the atmosphere this time, so we are observing the consequences now.

today It will be gray at first, with some light rain or drizzle occasionally. The maximum temperature ranges from 2 degrees in the high fens and from 6 to 8 degrees elsewhere.

In the evening and at night, it will remain cloudy with a chance of light rain (winter) at times from the north, especially in the second half of the night. It will snow lightly in the Ardennes.

Sunday It will be very cloudy and there will be some wintry showers or snow showers in the Ardennes all day. Especially in the afternoon some broader licensing can happen. Maximums are around freezing point in the higher elevations and between 4 and 7 degrees in low Belgium.

Monday Slight changes to very cloudy with a few showers from the North Sea. In High Belgium, there is a chance of freezing fog in the morning with wintry showers during the day.

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Tuesday An area of ​​low pressure is moving over our area. There will be rain in Central and Central Belgium and snow (melt) in Upper Belgium. At the end of the day, the mercury drops and winter showers may also fall in Lower and Middle Belgium. Overnight into Wednesday, there will be wide clearings and ice patches may form.

Wednesday It will remain variable to very cloudy with a high chance of rain (in winter). The maximum is between -1 and 4 degrees.

Thursday And Friday The chance of precipitation in winter remains high with a maximum between 3 and 5 degrees in the middle. However, the uncertainty is very large due to the lack of clarity in the exact direction of movement of the low pressure regions. Maybe he could soften up a bit, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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