What does that say about your health?

We asked orthopedic surgeon Prof. Dr. Alexander van Tongel (UZ sang).

According to orthopedic surgeon Van Tungel, there are several reasons why your joints or the area around them may make sounds. The joint is where the two bones meet. There is usually a space where the bones slide over each other. This space contains the cartilage and growth fluid that acts as a kind of lubricant, and contains air bubbles. It can explode and cause a typical cracking sound.

Joint stiffness in your body: What does that say about your health? Prof. Dr. Alexander van Tongel (UZ Gent) explains.Image by Getty Images/RF

A well-known example is snapping your fingers. In this case you will actually destroy such a bubble. Fun fact: If you crack your fingers, you won’t be able to do it again for the next 20 minutes. The air bubble needs time to fix. Once you’re done, you can snap your fingers again. This is the number one cause of cracked bones, which can happen all over the body.

“In addition, there are a lot of tendons close to the joints,” the surgeon continues. “The joint is not always straight. Sometimes a tendon can move over the bump of a piece of bone. This, too, can make a crackling sound. This makes a slightly different sound than a creaking sound. You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you don’t feel any pain when you crack Or crack, don’t worry. This crack has no effect.”


For the third reason why your body is cracking, it is recommended that you take more steps. “This involves a more crunching sound, which happens because the cartilage in the joints becomes thinner. In some places a bone-on-bone condition develops. Once a crunching sound appears with pain and swelling, it is a sign of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of rheumatism that causes Cartilage wears away Cartilage becomes thinner, softer, and more crumbly The body becomes inflamed, resulting in pain This grinding sound can occur all over the body The knee and hip are the joints that wear out the fastest You walk on those joints, so osteoarthritis It appears more quickly in those places.

If you have pain and swelling, you should see your doctor. “It is important to check how quickly the swelling develops, how intense the pain is and when it mainly occurs: while resting at night or while moving,” says Prof. Dr. van Tongel. Osteoarthritis mainly occurs in old age. Pain and swelling are usually a sign of excessive exercise. It often helps with osteoporosis to adjust your activities. If that doesn’t make enough of a difference, you can switch to pain relievers with anti-inflammatories. If these also do not help enough, some injections may be required. Finally, keyhole surgery is an option, or we replace the worn-out joint with a prosthesis.

The Nobel Prize is fun

More and more people have desk jobs. The surgeon says whether cracked bones could also be due to a lack of exercise has not been scientifically proven. “If we think back on that bubble, it’s very likely that it’s been completely filled with a prolonged period of physical rest. If you move again, it’ll be pushed away. Another fun fact about arthritis. We often get the question: Are you at greater risk of developing arthritis?” Osteoarthritis if you crack your knuckles so much?Under the slogan “It’s all for science,” the doctor didn’t crack his left hand until 50 years ago. And after all those years, it turns out there’s no more osteoarthritis in that left hand than in the right. The guy even has to put him on trial He won the hilarious IG Nobel Prize“.

Thus the squeak and squeak system without the pain and swelling is harmless, but the sound can be very annoying. “Is there anything you can do about it? If you’re not in pain, nothing really special. Then that in and of itself isn’t necessary. You can try to avoid things that trigger a rift in you, but that’s it,” concludes Prof. Dr. Van Tungel. .

This article originally appeared on HLN.be.

This is how you prevent wear on your joints, according to Dr. Rutger:

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