What does the Crescent say on your nails about your health?

Various stories revolve around the crescent moon on your nails. Health Net lists the facts.

What is a half moon?

Half moons are the lightest pieces on the cuticle-adjacent nail. In the world of medicine, this is also called lunula, which is Latin for moon. The pussy is actually the organ that makes up your fingernail and goes on just under the skin. The color of the rest of the nail is different because the nail is transparent. In principle, you can see your finger through the nail.

Does it hurt if all of your auras aren’t visible?

If you only see dark circles on your thumb, then you have a frightening disease. ”It is one of the myths that you come across online. This is not true. This is normal. A lot of people have dark circles hidden under the skin. This says nothing at all about your health. Want to find out if you have a secret by pushing back the excess skin? You’d better not do it.

Nail and patella syndrome

The only condition that can be associated with the moon is nail and patella syndrome (NPS). This is a very rare condition, affecting about 1 in 50,000 people. If you have nail patella syndrome, you have a triangular half moon, which is a genetic condition. When you have this syndrome, you also likely have a knee that is small or no kneecap at all (patella is the Latin word for knee) NPS can cause a variety of health problems.

Kidney problems

About a third to one half of people with NPS have kidney problems. Kidney filters no longer function properly, causing proteins that then end up in the urine to leak out. This causes protein loss, which in turn can cause fatigue and fluid retention (edema). Ultimately, kidney failure occurs in 5 out of every 100 people. Then there is a need for dialysis or a kidney transplant.

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Eye complaints

When you have NPS, glaucoma can also develop: the pressure in your eye becomes very high and the optic nerve is damaged. This causes the blind spots to swell larger so that you can see less and less. With glaucoma, eye drops will be prescribed initially to lower the intraocular pressure. Other treatment options are laser therapy or surgery.

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