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Every driver knows what a full or broken line on the road means. But what if there are two dashed signs on the road, even with a green line sometimes between them? You regularly encounter this situation with our northern neighbours. So it helps if you know how to act.

The rule of thumb in the Netherlands is the same as here: a dotted line may be crossed, and a solid line may not. But there are also some special variants.

connected next to the solid line

Occasionally, for example, you come across a full line and a broken line. In these cases, the line next to you is crucial. If it is interrupted, you can override. Exceeding the line, overtaking is prohibited.

In addition, there is the double solid line, which under the traffic law means the same as the single solid line. In fact, these road signs make it clear that overtaking is prohibited.

Define the lane with a double green dotted line between them

It gets even more confusing when there are two broken lines in the middle of the road. This only happens on 80 kilometer roads. On such a road with a double-dotted center line, you are allowed to overtake, if conditions permit.

The green line between broken lines can cause more confusion. This indicates that the maximum permissible speed on this road is 100 km / h. green is supportive only; Scores of 100 are standard.

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This is what the stripes mean on Dutch roads

Single dashed midline: Overtaking is permitted, and you are usually allowed a maximum of 60 km/h here
Double dashed white line: The maximum speed is 80 km / h and overtaking is allowed
Full double or single line: Here you are allowed a maximum of 80 km/h and overtaking is prohibited
Double dashed white line with green in between: The maximum speed is 100 km / h and overtaking is allowed
A full double line with a green line in between: Overtaking is prohibited and is limited to 100 km / h
no lines: You are allowed a maximum of 60 km / h here, watch carefully which part of the road is yours, overtaking is allowed

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