What does this mysterious symbol mean in Android Auto?

A number of users will see a mysterious icon called GearSnacks in the list of apps in Android Auto. Although Google has not announced anything regarding this Android Auto app yet, we have already found out more details about it.

Games in Android Auto

GearSnacks is the name of Android Auto users who first appeared on Reddit. at This topic is Reddit GearSnacks is displayed in the app launcher and XDA He dissected the latest version of the Android Auto app to find out more information about it and they succeeded. GearSnacks includes a large number of short HTML5 games. Teaching Assistant Region He immediately shares some pictures of some of these games.

Mysterious GearSnacks in Android Car

GameSnacks is a 120 . area experience

For those who don’t know, GameSnacks It is an HTML5 gaming platform from Google’s Region 120 Beta division. Area 120 you may know it from Reply already finished and the Keen Ke social network. GameSnacks wants to make games available in areas where there is no good mobile internet connection. The platform provides lightweight HTML5 games that can be played from any web-compatible device. Games can be played on Android, iOS and PC via GameSnacks Official Website. It can be operated via the touch screen, but it also works with a keyboard and mouse.

Earlier this year, Google began integrating HTML5 games from GameSnacks into Google products in several areas, including Chrome, Google Pay, Google Assistant, and Google Discover. In the announcement, Google said it would “look for more opportunities to bring GameSnacks games to more Google products,” and Android Auto appears to be the next candidate. By the way, the Android Auto app code states that “GameSnacks games can only be played on the touch screen”. So it seems that only cars with touchscreen compatible head units are suitable for GameSnacks.

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What does this mysterious symbol mean in Android Auto?
GameSnacks in the car

Run GameSnacks for Android Auto

At the moment, it’s not clear if and when Google will release GameSnacks in addition to Android Auto and how many games it’s interested in. In any case, it now appears that the complete catalog of HTML5 games is not yet available in Android Auto. There is only 1 user who can access only 3 games. The Android Auto app icon has found clues from many other apps including Zoo Boom, Onet Connect Classic, Cannonballs 3D, Pin the UFO, 2048 Giant, Find 500 Differences, Unblock That, and Bubble Bossen.

As for safety, GearSnacks can only be started when the vehicle is stationary. This makes sense, of course, because Google doesn’t want drivers to play games while driving.

Since February of this year, it has become possible to play simple voice games that can be played in the car using the voice command of the Google Assistant. These rides are for long trips that will keep you and your passengers entertained. These are the voice commands you can use. Google also has three new features coming to Android Auto related to interface customization.

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