What happens in an NPO? Conflict of interest with the ministry?

whistleblower? Exorbitant salaries for NPO providers? Favoritism between the non-profit organization and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science? Was there a new scandal born? We’re now starting to get used to it, but a political scandal follows another media riot. And this time it turned out to be public radio.

Just in short. D66 Alderman from Amsterdam Shula Rigsman used to be a big figure in public broadcasting. I went on vacation with Secretary of State Sander Decker (Media) and she didn’t mention it. It was announced earlier that she withheld information about her close friendship with Marjan Hammersma, the highest official in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Conflict of interest non-profit organizations and ministries?

This seems quite harmless, but according to the etiquette, this is not the intention. Because if there is likely to be a conflict of interest, ministers must report it.

But what is this conflict of interest? Both Secretary of State Decker and General Secretary Hammersma (media) were responsible for funding the non-profit organization. At the time, Rigsmann was chairman of the board of directors of the Public Broadcasting Corporation. Each year, about 900 million euros from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science goes to the non-profit organization. in a comment in BNR He told both Dekker and Rijxman that they were unaware of any harm and denied that they had violated the code of conduct.

Highest salary in public broadcasting

But not everyone agrees. Because the speech of the MP from the Freedom Party, Martin Bosma, is now circulating on social media, where he says, according to some, the “fillet” of the ministry and officials. In addition to personal relationships around the NPO and the state, he also cites other cheating practices around public broadcasting. He replied, “I want Jeroen Pau, Paul de Leo and Humberto Tan to be questioned under oath.” BNRAnd in his speech he talked about opening the cesspool. “We know us, friends who know each other. A small team of people who know each other, support each other through and through and pass the ball to each other. It is a large NPO/D66 water trough and needs to be opened properly.”

In the speech, Bousma also spoke about the whistleblower discussed earlier in BNRaudio notation Coster and Van Dyck. Because this whistleblower playing cards with the so-called „Side Deals“From the NPO you make with the production companies. In this way, the bidders of the NPO can be paid higher than what is offered to them from the official Balkenende rule. Which means, among other things, that the NPO object may not exceed a certain amount in terms of salary He wants to imprint a parliamentary inquiry in which everyone is questioned under oath in order to get to the bottom of the NPO payroll construction Incidentally, the whistleblower reported the whistleblower to senior officials Hammersma, but not much was done on the matter.

Investigation into the scandal of public radio and the ministry

Yesterday the House debated this issue and the “ignored whistleblower”. Robert Dijgraf, the current Minister of Education, Culture and Science, denied the “official” term for the whistleblower.

The scandal was also discussed last night in audio notation Newsday† SP member Peter Quint explained that the question is whether the Dutch government understands that you should stay away from each other. “Certainly if you’re supervising each other and you’re responsible for each other’s finances.” He stressed the danger of this kind of entanglement “to get a club to make decisions together in a meeting.”

Several investigations are now underway into this scandal. This includes the Central Government Audit Service and the Media Authority.

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What happens in an NPO? Ministry of conflict of interest and nepotism?

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