WhatsApp adds new features for text formatting

WhatsApp adds four useful coordination functions to help users communicate with each other more efficiently.

No more long and disorganized text blocks in WhatsApp. Four new text formatting options have been added to help users type text messages more efficiently. From now on, you can also format text with bullet points, punctuation, or as a citation Embedded code. The latter is mainly interesting for developers. The new formatting options are available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Web and Mac.

More structure

You can now make long WhatsApp messages more legible with four new text formatting options: Summary, Punctuation, Quote, and Embedded code. They are added to the list of formatting features that already exist including bold, italics, or strikethrough. Through the image below you can find the correct characters to apply the formatting options in your message.

Source: WhatsApp
  • Important points: Did your partner forget the shopping list? Send this clearly using bullet points by typing “-” + space.
  • Numbering: Do you want to clearly display a series of steps? Then start numbering with the number “1”. Followed by typing a space.
  • quotes: Do you want to block or highlight specific text? Then use the “>” symbol followed by a space.
  • Embedded code: Using the “” symbol you can focus on specific parts of text, or immediately place them in a developer-friendly format.
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