While Coronavirus has taken over India: 90,000 doctors are not allowed to help because foreign diplomas are not valid in their country | abroad

About 90,000 Indian doctors have to watch helplessly because the Coronavirus is spreading in their country, because their foreign certificates are not valid in their country. They have received training in countries such as Russia, China, and Ukraine and must first obtain a local license.

India is currently being hit hard by a new and more contagious type of Coronavirus. Experts say more than 400,000 new cases and more than 4,000 deaths are reported every day, and that would be just the tip of the iceberg. Healthcare cannot keep up with the demand for help.

There is an impending shortage of staff, especially in the intensive care units. “People will die in the coming weeks because there aren’t enough doctors and nurses to help them,” prominent cardiologist Davey Shetty said at a recent conference.


This makes it all the more painful that 90,000 doctors have to beg the government to go to work just because they get their degree in another country. They must first pass the local exams in India before they are allowed to practice their profession in their country. However, their testimonials are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Some doctors are waiting for the next test date next month, and some have already passed the test but are waiting for the official documents to start. The result is a lack of understanding. “We are not asking for permission to conduct operations, but we should still be allowed to work in primary care at such a critical time for our country,” said Nujair El Amin, President of the United States. All foreign medical graduates in India organisation.

according to National Board of Examinations (NBE), however, additional tests are mandatory as the doctors concerned are not trained in India. “They are not aware of the typical Indian health problems,” he said. The Ministry of Health has not yet responded to a request for a response from the Reuters news agency.

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