Whispering Sons’ new single – “The Talker”

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Whispering Sons are now a staple of the Belgian music scene, or at least north of the language border. Their hit single “Alone” is now approaching three million streams on Spotify, and the Limburg band’s signature dark sound can now be heard at numerous festivals. Fenne Kuppens and her musicians have already built a strong live reputation, but we must also acknowledge that Several more Two years ago he was not the worthy successor to picture From 2018. Now as a musician or band, you always get new opportunities to prove yourself and in Whispering Sons that day happens in the form of “The Talker”.

The new song is his first breakthrough since “Tilt” a year and a half ago and it sounds completely different. There’s no dark, slow-burning tension, but a great guitar riff accompanied by text delivered in a way that often floats between speaking and singing. The summery guitar tone is accompanied by heavy drum and organ elements here and there that provide some color. Whispering Sons comes as a surprise and has us curious about the lighter side of the group. Lighter, less heavy, less dark, but still just as much post-punk. “The Talker” feels more manageable than, say, “Alone” or “Tilt,” and makes us look to the future with a curious eye.

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