White Christmas raises snow in some parts of the UK, which confirms the weather office

For some parts of the UK it was officially a white Christmas because people in some parts of the UK raised snow.

The Met Office has confirmed snowfall in the Humpside and Suffolk areas this morning.

Lecansfield, near Beverly, was awakened overnight by dust, while meteorologists said it had snowed in Wattsham, Suffolk.

Photos of a garden in Grimsby show car windscreens with white light, Grimsbylive reports.

But Devon and Cornwall will not have such luck and will instead be affected by wind and rain from boxing day.

A ‘yellow’ weather warning has been issued for heavy rain from 6 pm on Boxing Day to 9 am on December 27.

Storm Bella 80 miles on a boxing day and it rains.

The Exider With strong winds and heavy rain moving from the north, conditions across the UK will largely not be resolved until December 27, the National Weather Forecast says.

A part of Hurricane Bella, a yellow warning for rain across the region while an amber warning for wind, which the Meteorological Office said. Warnings can be “life threatening”.

Snow fell in parts of northern Lincolnshire on Christmas morning

Overlapping with the amber wind warning, the yellow rain warning comes into effect four hours earlier, at 6pm tomorrow, and will remain in place until 9am on Sunday, December 27th.

Expected local beaches up to 80mph, The Meeting Office Hurricane Bella is expected to disrupt travel and utilities in southern and southeastern England and parts of southern Wales.

Amber warning covers everything Cornwall, Parts of North and South Devon – including Plymouth And Torpe – and North and East Devon.

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