Whoopi Goldberg (a little) wrote the history of the movie 30 years ago, thanks to “The Ghost” and … in common

Whoopi Goldberg: “Every black woman and her mother have auditioned for the movie so far. But no one has contacted me yet. It looks like the producers weren’t interested in me. Yes, it hurts. But then Patrick Swayze got to the top and this one I thought was weird. I was not contacted, and all of a sudden my advertising agent called me: “Remember that movie you didn’t get an invitation. Well, the director and lead actor want to see you now. “Obviously at first they thought my presence would frighten the moviegoers (Goldberg scored poorly after ‘Purple’ with ‘Burglar’ and ‘Fatal Beauty,’ editor.) But Patrick thought I was perfect for the role, although I didn’t I’ve met him before. ” (There is no filter with Naomi, October 2020)

“I had to wait six months before everyone agreed that I got the role and that they saw all of the other potential candidates.” (Vanity, February 2016)

Director Jerry Zucker: “A lot of people have questioned the fact that in“ Ghost ”I mixed comedy and tragedy. Luckily I can count on a brilliant comedian and actress on my cast, who sticks these two together perfectly: Whoopi Goldberg! A primer between Oda Mae and Sam, we put a blow tube in Goldberg’s dress to give her more volume, which gave Whoopi more energy to act expressively. In her eyes. She remained believable in her role at all times. An incredible acting performance that was. Whoopi Whoopi By themselves, they made Oda Mai who became in the movie. ” (Entertainment Weekly, August 2020)

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