Why are we excited in the Netherlands

On Thursday, October 6, it will be made by googleevent location. Very interesting products are shown there, including the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch. The reason we are so excited is that we will not only see new devices, but they will finally (!) also launch in the Netherlands.

There has been some annoyance among Android fans that not all Google Pixel phones have been launched in the Netherlands. We are now happy to tell you that this will likely be the case with the Pixel 7 and pixel clock.

Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel Watch, and more?

Google already indicated Signed Exactly what we will see. That would be the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro anyway. Presumably, the presentation is largely about these devices.

Google Android Sundar Picihai Pixel
“It’s not wonderful?” (Photo: Jian Ehrensler/EPA)

The new Pixel phone is not expected to get a major design update. This device is also said to get an aluminum frame that extends over the cameras on the back. Thus, the main differences with the Pixel 6 lie in the cover. The 7 gets a Tensor G2 chip, which is supposed to make tasks like media playback and image and voice recognition a lot faster.

There is also a lot of speculation about prices. The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are rumored to cost $599 and $899, respectively. Dutch prices, of course, are not yet known.

Because Wrote We have already mentioned why we are so excited to have Google Pixel come to the Netherlands, if only because of Pixel-exclusive functions like magic eraserAnd the real tune And the blurry face.

Google Pixel 7 in the Netherlands: 5 reasons we can’t wait

Google’s first smartwatch

google pixel watch
Simple and elegant design (Image: Google)

The search and technology giant is also showing off the Google Pixel Watch, the company’s first smartwatch to be launched. The watch runs on Google Wear OS 3 and integrates with Fitbit. The watch also has all the other fitness options you can expect from a modern smartwatch.

Google will also come out with new Nest devices. It is not yet known exactly what we can expect from this.

the whole event continue to live here On Thursday from 22.00. Advertised products by the way Immediately on sale that day in google store.

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Google Pixel 7: Why are we excited about the event in the Netherlands

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