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“Ariana DeBose Leaves BAFTA Viewers Confused With Her Rap.” This was the headline of several British tabloids immediately after Ariana DeBose’s performance on Sunday night. However, the “The West Side Story” star thought well of her casting: While singing “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” to Eurythmics, Ariana suddenly started singing all the names of the female candidates. Among them were Viola Davis, Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The body language of those mentioned stars in the room really speaks volumes. While one celebrity smiled uncomfortably, the other seemed a bit suspicious or amused. But the countless reactions across social media left no doubt, either: “My ears are bleeding. I need a day off to recover,” one quipped. And also: “This gives me a whole new meaning to shame,” “Who agreed to this? Why didn’t anyone step in?”

However, there were also viewers who jumped into the loophole for Ariana’s sake. “Maybe the number was wrong, but Ariana is still a true pro,” one commented. While another advocate wrote, “She did her best and gave everything she could,” and another commented, “It wasn’t exceptional, but it wasn’t catastrophic like I said either. You just want to jump on the ‘hate train’ and push it to the ground.”

The singer has not yet responded to all of the comments.

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