Why is soup so healthy?

In the department Nutrition under the microscope We share a scientific view on nutrition and health. The internet is full of claims about these two broad topics, but is this information true? We provide clarity with the help of various experts. With the day: Why is soup so healthy?

A bowl of soup seems to be the miracle cure when you’re sick. Why is fresh soup so healthy? Side roads asked nutritionist Camilla Bott.

missing vitamins

To determine why soup is so healthy, you must first discuss vegetables and vitamins that are lost during cooking. Because vitamins are sure to be lost. According to Bot, you don’t have to worry about that. “Vegetables are always a good idea. It is important to prepare vegetables the way you find delicious and convenient. Only then will you be able to eat them.”

According to a nutritionist, the healthiest way to not heat vegetables for a long time. “Cooking is great, just don’t cook the vegetables completely. Roasting, quick frying, and steaming are good too. Plus, don’t overuse the cooking fat, and don’t leave the vegetables in fat for too long.”

So Bott recommends choosing the method of preparation you prefer. Maybe you lost some vitamins because you like to cook vegetables all the time, so be it. Do what you can and make sure you eat at least 200 grams of vegetables daily. It is better to have enough vegetables with less vitamins than a few vegetables rich in vitamins.”

Why is soup so healthy?

Then back to the soup. While the soup is preparing, cook the vegetables completely. So why is soup so healthy? “Vitamins that are lost during cooking are left in the water. Soup is great, and the vitamins stay in the cooking liquid, so you get well.”

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Do you have a craving for soup? Try this cauliflower soup with vadovan, peanuts and lemon, carrot soup with orange and quick seasoning oil, or quick Jewish matzo ball soup (as you eat it in NYC) from our colleagues at coli Once.

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Nutrition under the microscope: Why is soup so healthy?

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