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Coronavirus spreads well in dry air. And let central heating keep it very dry at home. So make sure to increase the humidity in your living room. And not only is it because of the virus, it is also better for your health.

Only now that the mercury has cooled down to the Siberian temperatures here and there do you have to keep its moisture in the house. Due to the cold, we turn the stove on several more settings and it gets drier inside. An average virus loves it. “The influenza virus, for example, spreads through tiny droplets in the exhaled air. With moist air, these droplets absorb water, causing it to descend faster. It evaporates into the air,” explains Ann Marie Morrell, a pulmonologist and allergist at Het Laatste Nieuws. Dry, which allows it to spread more. So it is very likely that this will also be the case for other viruses, such as the Coronavirus. ” It’s also likely the cause of our illness or cold in the winter.

Ideally, the humidity ranges between 40 and 60 percent. You can measure this with a simple hygrometer. But your body can also send signals that the air in your home is too dry. Morrell: “With dry air your furniture could start to show up. Additionally, there are physical signs that the air is too dry, such as headaches, irritated eyes, respiratory problems, dry skin, decreased resistance. If you have this, It is best to check the humidity in your home or workplace. ”

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The air can be humidified by using plants in the house, or water trays over a heater or humidifier.

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