Wild Monkeys, ‘Comp Ways’ for advanced students and the story of an innocent giant

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‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’

The first part of the latest ‘Apes’ trilogy set the tone beautifully for what followed. Incredible special effects, but a surprisingly clever scene and Caesar the Monkey is a strong main character. And then knowing that parts two and three are even better!

on VTM 3 at 8:35 PM

Stacey Dooley: Ready for battle?

‘Comp Ways’ for Advanced Students: British Journalist Stacey Dolly Follow the Ukrainians who undergo five weeks of military training in the UK so they can fight against the Russians.

10:15pm on Canvas

‘I’m a Virgin’

The ridiculous comedy series ‘I’m a Virgin’ tells the story of a big black youth: he measures no less than 4 meters. His aunt and uncle never let him out for everyone’s safety, and Cootie only knows the outside world through comics and TV shows. At the age of 19, the innocent giant still leaves the nest and quickly socializes with peers: he goes to parties, seduces a beautiful cashier, and meets his big idol, the superhero The Hero. Walton Goggins)

On Prime Video

‘Rock Verture’

Can’t get tickets? don’t be afraid Michael Cuellar Distant Vercher offers a unique view of the festival grounds so you can still talk to everyone. Cuvelier will keep you updated on all the performances, highlights and festival news during the live broadcast.

9:30pm on Canvas

‘All the money in the world’

When the grandson of the world’s richest man is kidnapped by the Italian mafia — a crime movie isn’t a crime movie without the Italian mafia — the world’s richest grandpa refuses to open his wallet to pay the ransom. In desperation, Amma Anbe decides to take matters into her own hands.

8:35pm at Play5

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