Will the GTA 6 trailer be released sooner than expected?

It is not yet known when GTA 6 The exact trailer appears online. Rockstar has only said that the trailer will be released “early December.” This is of course open to interpretation, but the trailer may appear earlier than expected.

Many are currently betting their money on the reveal during The Game Awards, the night of December 7-8. It’s not completely illogical, of course, because this event has already been watched by a large number of players. However, the trailer may be released early as well, and some fans have found a very specific clue to that.

Italian fans point to the Italian advertisement for the promotion. In it they talk about “primi giorni di Dicembre,” which means “the first days of December.” According to Italian fans, this specifically refers to the first three to five days of the month, so the GTA 6 trailer may be released on December 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. However, later dates were no longer considered “primi giorni di Dicembre” by Italians.

It is of course interesting, but at the same time questions are also being raised about this “evidence”. Some point out that the phrase “early December” simply cannot be translated identically in all languages, and so the connotation behind the English wording sometimes deviates from this. Therefore, we should not look much beyond the Italian translation.

In any case, there’s a real chance that Rockstar will tell you before the actual reveal exactly when the GTA 6 trailer will be released, for example via a countdown. Until then, we just have to wait patiently.

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