Will we soon be eating a giant meatball?

Australian breeding company Vow has created a giant meatball. No, this is not an April Fool’s joke, just hard science. Through DNA science, they were able to recreate the tissue of mammoth meat. But is that nice? No one knows if it’s delicious or not, in fact, you can’t even eat it yet. Their goal: to stimulate discussion about the future of meat production.

For example, you can’t order a thick mammoth meatball on a particularly salty day to get you through the day. But the future is a beautiful thing, and these first developments certainly hold great promise. The resulting mammoth meat will be thoroughly tested and further developed. Anyone willing to volunteer as a guinea pig?

How it works?

To make the Mammoth Ball, DNA from recovered woolly mammoths was extracted and processed. Then the protein was introduced into the stem cells of sheep muscle cells. Then, you grow it into muscle tissue by adding enough nutrients like sugar and amino acids.

So tasting mammoth meatballs is not yet possible. Research must first show that the use of the 5,000-year-old protein is not problematic for human consumption. But researchers at Vow have already been able to smell the giant vapor. “Very special,” says Scientific Director James Ryall.

The future of meat consumption

“Cultured meat is meat made from animal cells, not slaughtered,” says Bas Kursten, of advertising agency Wunderman Thompson. According to him, this is already happening in America, Singapore and Australia, but not yet in Europe. To put it more on the map here too, Korsten came up with the giant meatball idea: “What it says is we don’t have to slaughter animals, because even animals that no longer exist can be turned into meat in the future.

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For example, cultured meat appears to be a particularly attractive alternative to cannibalism. Plus, let’s be honest. It’s also really bad to say you just ate a giant ball. He changes the whole ball with mayonnaise after the football game idea.

Giant meatballs

Well, the actual food will take a while, but when you see the huge meatball, your mouth will start to water. The Giant Meatball was served last Tuesday (03/28/2023) at Nemo Amsterdam. Below you can watch a video of a special cut of cultured meat.

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