William and Harry honor Philip’s “ bewitching and funny ” grandfather

William writes with a picture of his grandfather and son George that Philip’s life was dominated by the service. Not only for his country, but also for his wife, queen, and family. He feels fortunate to have learned so much from him, and so has his wife, Catherine: “ I will be forever grateful that my wife had the opportunity to get to know him for many years and for the kindness he showed her to her. “.

“I will never surrender to the special memories my children will always keep about their great-grandfather who came to take them in his cart,” he continues. He also says he is happy that they have been able to experience his “contagious sense of adventure” and his “hurtful sense of humor” for themselves.

My grandfather was a unique man and part of a unique generation. Catherine and I will continue what he wanted and help the Queen in the years to come. I will miss my grandfather, but I know that he wants us to continue with our duties.

But Williams’ brother Harry, who had arrived in the UK today for the funeral, also responded in a statement to the death of his beloved grandfather. Philip is also described as a unique man with a great deal of humor. “He was honest with an intense sense of humor, and thanks to his charm he was able to attract attention in any room – especially since you never knew what his next words would be.”

Harry wrote that he would of course be remembered as the husband of the Queen, Soldier, Prince, and Duke. “But for me, like many of you who have lost loved ones or grandparents in this agonizing year, my grandfather was: master of barbecue, gossip legend, and cheeky to the last minute.” “I know he’s going to tell us now, with a glass of beer in his hand,” he continues. “

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The prince concludes by saying that he will be missed a lot, but he will always be remembered. “Me, Megan and Archie (as well as our future granddaughter) always hold a special place for you in our hearts.”

Yesterday it was announced that Prince Philip’s funeral will take place next Saturday. His grandson Harry is there, but Meghan is absent. A wise decision, according to Justin Marcella.

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