William refuses to meet Harry, fearing his brother will record the conversation for the book

Harry and Meghan are in England. Although the couple camped in the estate next door to William and Gates, it was not a pleasant visit. William is afraid his brother will record their conversations for his new book.

Harry and Meghan have been visiting charities in Europe. Last Sunday they were within a mile of each other. But William is avoiding his brother “until Harry’s memoir comes out”.

The book is due out later this year and the British royal family is very excited about what it contains. Either way, according to the insider, it will be ‘delicious’. Until then, Harry’s family did not want to give any further input to his book. William in particular is afraid that everything he says will be secretly recorded.

Members of the family are also not attending tea with Meghan and Harry. “It’s their own fault for being so rude,” an insider said in a statement the sun. Only Harry’s father, Charles, is willing to restore the bond. He reportedly invited his son and daughter-in-law to his holiday home in Balmoral, Scotland. “But the call was rejected, as it was before,” says an insider.

Although Charles is keen to reconnect, he found his son’s statements “distressing” and was “absolutely appalled” by Harry and Meghan’s behaviour.

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