Windows 11 22H2 Update Gets a Simpler Name

Will the next major Windows update be called “Windows 11 2022” and not “Windows 11 22H2”? Microsoft is carefully reviewing the update policy.

Microsoft will release a major feature update on September 20th. Already available on Preview since June 8We’re starting to roll it out for Windows 11. So far, we’ve always called this update “Windows 11 22H2,” but Microsoft may be coming up with a more explicit naming starting this year. In a screenshot shared on Twitter by XenoPanther, who was already able to install the update through the Insiders Program, the update was simply named “Windows 11 2022 Update”.

Not only does this new name sound much smoother if you ask us, but it also fits better with the update schedule that Microsoft uses for Windows 11. In addition to frequent small security updates, Microsoft is now combining new functionality for the operating system into one major annual update and there are no more two updates Half a year as has been the case with Windows 10 for a long time. In other words, there is no longer any need to distinguish between updates in the name.

There will be no Windows 11 2023 update?

The new naming system, in turn, can be replaced very quickly. According to Windows Central You no longer want to work with annual feature updates. Instead of bundling all the new features into one major update, Microsoft just wants to roll them out to the public once they’ve been tested and approved by Windows Insider users. So we can expect more frequent feature updates.

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This new update method is also rumored to open the door to Windows 12, which could appear as early as 2024. From now on, we should expect a new version of Windows every three years. An amazing change of direction from Microsoft, which has claimed for years that Windows 10 is the endpoint and that there has been no need to make major modifications to the operating system.

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