Windows update prevents computers from booting without a Bitlocker key

Many Windows users find themselves with a computer that won’t turn on after the latest update If they can’t enter their Bitlocker key.

Microsoft rolled Update file KB5012170 On August 9. The update mainly focuses on closing vulnerabilities in Secure Boot DSX that Microsoft describes as very serious. But as unfortunately often happens with Windows updates, the rollout is not easy. In addition to the fact that having some OEM firmware can prevent the update from installing, the update can also prevent you from booting your PC without a Bitlocker key.

Although Microsoft hasn’t officially recognized this issue yet, Windows users have reported it on Reddit and others, among others. by log. So, while restarting Windows, you may be taken to the Bitlocker lock screen, where Microsoft will ask you to enter your system recovery key. The Bitlocker key is a unique 48-character code that secures the device. Windows will usually ask for the code when it detects suspicious activity on the device. If you cannot enter the code, you will not be able to access the system. However, there is still guesswork as to why this update activates the Bitlocker lock screen on some computers.

Where can you find your Bitlocker key for your device?

Until Microsoft provides the required explanation and solution to the problem, it is best to keep your Bitlocker key on hand before updating Windows. The easiest way to find a Bitlocker code is through your Microsoft account under the Devices list. Each device you link to a Microsoft account will receive one unique code. For corporate devices, the code can also be accessed through an Azure Active Directory account or system administrator. Are you having problems with your PC after updating Windows? Then in some cases there is no other option than to update to remove again.

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