Windshield washer fluid is very bad for the environment

Given today’s knowledge, we may have been less enthusiastic about adding asbestos to homes in the past. But the ancient workers cannot be blamed; Who would have expected a substance with the friendly name ‘asbestos’ to be so bad? In a few years we will also look back at the current equestrian washer fluid.

The innocent act of spraying your windows clean can turn out to be very bad for our planet. From a study published in Environmental Science & Technology It shows that when spraying windshield wiper fluid, many ‘volatile organic compounds’ (VOC) are released. According to the Human Environment and Transport Analyst, these substances are harmful to health and the environment.

Alcohol in windshield wiper fluid is bad for the environment

The researchers compared the British government’s previous calculations with their own measurements, which were also done in the United Kingdom. They observed a discrepancy in the statistics and concluded that part of the discrepancy was caused by the windshield washer fluid. Methanol and ethanol in the liquid cause these additional emissions.

Should we all drive with dirty windshields to save the world? Traffic accidents also cause enough pollution, so don’t do that. For now, the researchers are only advocating for an adjustment to the data: emissions in government data should be adjusted to accommodate emissions from sprinklers — as well as electric cars.

You can buy standard liquid

The amount of alcohol in windscreen washer fluid is already regulated in Europe, but according to the researchers, there are still many web shops that sell a lot of methanol. One advantage of a clean window is that the driver can clearly see your disheveled appearance. You can start already by buying a more stable windshield washer fluid because it simply exists.

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