Winter Comes: How It Affects Your Health

It’s almost time: Tonight the clocks turn back an hour and winter time begins. Evening person is a nice side effect, but for people who like to get up early and go to bed a little earlier, it’s less pleasant. What is the quickest way to get used to it and what effect does it have on your health?

Winter: better for people

Winter time is the “standard time” in the geographic time zone in which we are. Thus, it is just as late in Holland as in France and Germany, but also as in Algeria and Namibia. An international literature study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) showed that it is best to determine the time of winter throughout the year. The sun rises early in the winter and darkens early in the evening. In winter we are more in our natural rhythm.

And then you immediately get rid of the problem that your body has to adapt again to winter or summer. Because one thing is for sure: Immediately after switching from summer time to winter and back, people sleep worse. There are also health effects after the changes, according to research by RIVM. Especially after changing from winter to summer, more heart attacks happen, because people sleep an hour less. But what are its visible benefits?

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Winter time benefits

Hours before the light: Feelings less bleak

For people who annually suffer from a winter dip or even a winter depression, a change of clock is a blessing from heaven. Because of winter, it lights up an hour before morning, which can actually help get rid of gloomy feelings. If we maintain daylight saving time in winter, the sun will not rise until the 10th of December. Also try to go outside during the day and get enough daylight.

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Better for your biological clock: Less stress

Since the time in winter aligns with your biological clock, you return to your normal rhythm. Your biological clock is the rhythm in which certain processes in your body occur. Think about sleeping and waking up, but also about organ control or your menstrual cycle. This can have a direct positive effect on your sleep, stress levels, and therefore your overall health.

Get an extra hour of sleep

When the clock moves forward or backward by an hour, one person suffers much more than the other. Short sleepers are more flexible, simply because they don’t need much. So they adapt more easily to new sleep rhythms than those who sleep late. Of course, this only matters if their sleep quality is good. Because it gets dark outside early, your body will also produce the sleep hormone melatonin faster in a Motivate. So if you always go to bed very late, take advantage of it. If you used to go to bed at 11 pm, now you go to bed at 10 pm. That extra hour will do you good.

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Tips to get used to it faster

  • Start the evening ritual early: start your ritual an hour before bedtime: close the door, put on your pajamas, and brush your teeth. There are no activities. No screens.
  • Regular: Go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time. Also on weekends.
  • Wake up: When the alarm goes off, immediately open the blinds and turn on the light.
  • Listen carefully to your body: for example, go to bed early if you feel tired.
  • Sleep: Do not sleep unless you go to bed at least an hour and a half later than usual. So if you usually fall asleep at 11pm, you don’t have to think about sleeping until you get into bed after 12:30am.
  • No naps at first: Don’t nap during the day when you change your rhythm, which will make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.
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