Wolves 2 Chelsea 1 – Player Ratings

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Daniel Bodense celebrates after scoring 1-1 (AMA)

The Wolves fought remarkably, and in the end it didn’t matter much, but Patricio Blues ’goal would be disappointing.

He let Crowd’s volleyball cross his grip and it crossed the line, thinking he should have saved it. 6

The opening player got the catch as Groot dropped him on Sylville’s cross, but overall, it was firm.

Took a late knock, which was nothing serious. 7

Like Fake and Size, he benefited from returning to the 3-4-3 formation.

He was very well versed in that system and was much more comfortable than he was against Liverpool and Villa. 7

Morocco, one of the best artists against Villa, took him where he left off.

Another solid display on a night without a great deal of joy in Chelsea’s expensive front line. 7

The former Barcelona man is the best and has not had the biggest explosive moments from him.

However, it does not sound as defensive as Markle on the other hand.

Did show his attacking qualities, but should have taken a shot when it was well placed in the box rather than looking for Ottosovi. 6

Talk about yourself in the first half before you can come out in the second half.

Again, fingers crossed he was OK to travel to Burnley on Monday. 6

Returning to the side where Ma out Dinho was suspended, Neves sprayed the ball with confidence and looked very sharp.

Still able to move forward, but inspiring performance from the Portuguese. 7

Werner had to hit the agile pace and full-back James, who handled them well.

What a wonderful way to win the game! Such a solid finish from the standout player of the season for wolves so far.

Once he gets it on his left foot, you know he will find the back of the web. He enjoys moments like that. An amazing football player. 9

The ball was in the net, but was a couple of yards offside.

He was then taken to the hourly sign for Drew. It will come to him. 6

Class because he worked on one side before rolling the ball to equalize the scores.

Showed some gentle skills and the interest he shows in his performances is awesome.

He and Neto really stand for the minute. Nice to see you. 9

His Premier League debut – you can not tell.

Otsovi received much criticism for his work in the youth ranks of wolves, and he showed what it was like to be against an upper class.

Bodense’s goal was aided and brought a significant physical presence in midfield – not really seen with Alfred N’Day at the championship.

Early days, but a great way to start. 8

He seemed to want to go straight back because he was active, but was able to continue. Did not make a big impact in the end. 6

Only touched the ball a few times, but it set NATO on the path to victory and could put it down as an aid. 6

Not used: Rudy (GK), Hoover, Kilman, Eid-nary

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