Woman had her buttocks lifted and fled hospital with bandages and drains on her buttocks to avoid the bill | strange

A 38-year-old woman spent six hours on the operating table at a clinic in Rome having a buttock lift. But when the treatment was over, she escaped the expensive bill. The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that the bandage was still on her buttocks, and she left the clinic and got into the car with her suspected partner.

Maximilian Catenacci, a plastic surgeon at the Montesacro Clinic in Rome, is surprised by the incident. “My patients always say that buttock surgery is painful. And after seeing how quickly the woman ran away immediately after the operation, I would say that is not the case.”

The amazing incident happened last Wednesday. The woman had come to the clinic the day before to undergo buttock surgery. Doctors performed the first part of the operation on the same day, and the second part the next day. Less than 24 hours later, she escaped, with the bandages and drains from the liposuction still on her buttocks. But without paying the bill of 20,000 euros for operating room rent, anesthesia, prosthetics, and health care costs.

The woman had made a down payment of 1,000 euros. I left the room and went to the parking lot. Her suspected accomplice was waiting there in a car, after which they drove away. “The woman quickly ran up the stairs and ran across the parking lot,” Catenacci said. “She was obviously in very good shape.”

Don’t sit for four days

It is remarkable that the woman left so quickly, because clinics warn that the buttocks can feel severe pain after liposuction. It is recommended not to sit on the buttocks during the first four days, so that they recover as better and more beautifully as possible. They may also feel pain during the recovery period due to possible bruising.

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The surgeon also discovered that the woman was actually wanted by a colleague. After undergoing plastic surgery on her lips, she disappeared in the north under the pretext that she had to get her bag from the car. Catenacci filed a police report and expressed his anger on social media. “You can at least put the drains back,” the plastic surgeon writes. “From now on, all patients will be required to pay all bills at least 48 hours before their scheduled surgery. Thank you.”

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