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On Saturday evening, Eve Gilles (20 years old) won the title of Miss France 2024. Not her appearance, but her hair tresses are now the subject of widespread discussion. Because Jill has one Pixie cut, a short haircut according to many (read: men) is not suitable for a beauty queen. Why did her hair become so controversial? And where it comes from? Pixie cut actually come from? “This actress made this hairstyle mainstream.”

For the first time in the 103-year history of beauty pageants: For the first time ever, a woman with a short haircut has won the world-famous competition. “We’re used to seeing beautiful fans with long hair,” Jill said herself when she won on Saturday night.

“But I chose an androgynous look with short hair. No one should dictate who you are… Every woman is different, we are all unique.” Miss France has a strong status, which sparked strong reactions on social media this weekend. Especially from Men .

“We’re lucky she doesn’t have a beard.”

Jill came third in the public vote, but the jury ultimately crowned her the winner. This choice has received a lot of criticism. “It’s not Miss France, it’s Miss Weyuk! We’re lucky she doesn’t have a beard,” wrote one person on X. Another wrote: “Miss France is no longer a beauty pageant, it’s a competition based on inclusivity.” Eve “Jill doesn’t look like a beauty queen at all.”

Yves Gilles in Paris in October. © WireImage

Sois-belle et tais-toi

The storm of reactions is problematic for several reasons. First of all, who decided, decided, or wrote that a short haircut would be “inclusive”? No one, but it’s clear in these responses that people with short hair are by definition diverse, feminist, or “woke.”

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In addition, it seems that a short haircut would not be suitable for a beauty pageant, because “Eve Jill doesn’t look like a beauty queen.” In other words: Only women who meet a certain standard of beauty are allowed to win the contest. The responses prove that the French proverb “sois-belle et tais-toi(Be Beautiful and Shut Up, ed.) It still applies today.

the Pixie cut It is French heritage

The responses and what they entail are not only problematic, they are completely ridiculous. the Pixie cut Actually, this isn’t new: we’ve seen the hairstyle for decades. Especially in France: many French icons wore hairstyles, from Coco Chanel to Audrey Tautou (actress who became famous thanks to the movie “Amelie”, and who later also played Coco Chanel).

In short: the hairstyle is practically part of the French heritage.

Left: The real Coco Chanel in 1931 during a visit to New York.  Right: French actress Audrey Tautou at a film premiere
Left: The real Coco Chanel in 1931 during a visit to New York. Right: French actress Audrey Tautou at the premiere of the film “Coco Chanel”. © Getty Images/Nina

prevalent in the sixties

And… it also exists elsewhere in the world pixie Popular by the way. It was popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the last century. She cut off her long locks in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday. The change in hairstyle symbolizes a new beginning in her life. Photos of the actress remain a successful example to this day Pixie cutTo many, Hepburn is the epitome of elegance. Long hair or not.

In the sixties Pixie cut the current. Not only because of the influence of the world-famous Hepburn. The rebellious hairstyle fit perfectly with the sexual revolution that was happening at the time, and many young women said goodbye to their long locks.

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Actress Twiggy, Princess Diana and model Linda Evangelista, among others, chose this hairstyle in the last century.

Actress Audrey Hepburn, singer Twiggy, model Linda Evangelista.
Actress Audrey Hepburn, singer Twiggy, model Linda Evangelista. © Getty Images

The coupe continues to perform well. Actresses Halle Berry and Zoe Kravitz, singers Demi Lovato or Jada Pinkett Smith: each of them has a personality of its own. Pixie cut.

French fashion icon Coco Chanel has shown many times that a traditional men’s hairstyle can actually be very feminine. Moreover, the genie embodies this I don’t say anything Which the French became famous and praised for. Boyish casual style, also known as “Game“, which is very attractive.

In short: Men who comment on Jill’s locks don’t have a leg to stand on. The hairstyle has been around for decades, and is elegant and topical, fitting into the heritage of French style.

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