Women’s World Cup | The Dutch team plays against Vietnam, scores seven goals and becomes the leader of the group

National coach Anders Juncker’s mission was simple: score, score, score. If the goal is scored as often as possible, they could leave the current world champions USA behind and very surprisingly become group winners.

no sooner said than done. Within 23 minutes the ball was in the net four times and just before half-time Danielle van de Donk (without a swimming cap) set the half-time score at 0-5. Netherlands – Vietnam, it became a match for Esme Protes, who scored two goals beautifully with shots from long range.

Historic raid by Wieke Kaptein

In addition to Brugts and Van de Donk, Lieke Martens, Katja Snoijs and Jill Roord (twice) also saw their names on the scoreboard. It was striking that many goals were scored by shooting the ball high. Goalkeeper Thi Kim Thanh Tran is not the tallest at 1.65 metres. She was put out of her misery during the first half by substitution.

Finally, Junker gave captain Wiki her first World Cup appearance in the second half and it was historic. The 17-year-old FC Twente player is the youngest Dutch international to play in both a men’s and women’s World Cup. Kaptein broke Bertus de Harder’s record, then eighteen years old, during the 1938 World Cup.

Final Eight

It was striking that the United States failed to beat Portugal. It was expected that the group’s victory would be decided on the basis of goal difference, hence the task of scoring a lot of goals, but the USA’s performance was poor again. It became even more interesting in the final phase when Portugal had a big chance. But the ball hit the post, allowing America to escape elimination.

Final standings of Group E WC for women

1. Netherlands 3-7
2. United States 3-5
3. Portugal 3-4
4. Vietnam 3-0

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