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Smoothly written and smoothly played. Tim Chalamet portrays chocolatier Willy Wonka so seamlessly that you begin to suspect the film was written around Chalamet. A beautiful roll for a beautiful cake.

Infamous chocolate haters also walk out of the cinema munching on it after seeing it Wonka. Or if watching at home, run to the kitchen. The sound of chocolate breaking makes all the chocolate neurons fire at once. Then rational thinking becomes impossible.

Why exactly one Origin story Who came from Willy Wonka is not entirely clear. Hopefully this isn't a harbinger of a whole series of variations on existing intellectual property, because we actually crave original material. Or to a brilliantly innovative adaptation of existing material, as del Toro did Pinocchio.

to Wonka However, the choice was well made thanks to the great attention to detail. The world that Wonka It is brought to life beautifully and the actors are excellent. Director Paul King and screenwriter Simon Farnaby wrote the screenplay. Both were – among other things – involved in Paddington-films. You notice this in the flexibility of the dialogues: every sentence is correct.

After seven years of wandering the world as a young man, Wonka arrives in an unnamed fictional European city—think Vienna at its best—and almost immediately gets into trouble. It turns out that the evil owner of the boarding house where he was only supposed to stay for one night has charged everything from the staircase tax and breathing costs to the next morning's bill, forcing Wonka to pay his debts downstairs. He escapes through a trick and finally reaches Galeries Gournet, a luxury shopping mall where he wants to fulfill his dream of having the best chocolate shop. Three arrogant chocolatiers who actually have a shop there – no doubt inspired by the three farmers Bugis, Bunce and Bean from The Dalles Wonderful sir. Fox -Then do everything they can to thwart Wonka.

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Wonka It's Roald Dahllow fat. There is some poison in it though Wonka Let's say he doesn't enjoy the pepper that Dahl can put into his stories. Olivia Colman is perfect as the lady. Script, the boarding house guardian from hell, but two of the three chocolatiers who plague Wonka are too tame. Hugh Grant is excellent as the Ooompa Loompa, with this one upper class Smile and that Luxurious 'Received pronunciation'-Dialect. These two supporting roles elevate the film to a higher level, with Chalamet's Willy Wonka – and this is certainly a matter of personal preference – seeming a bit light and bland. But this could also be a post-Johnny Depp anomaly; Chalamets Wonka is closer to Gene Wilder's portrayal of the role.

Wonka It was successful precisely because of that light tone. The songs – not too many and not too few – are inventive, and Chalamet is disarming as the visionary alchemist who comes to delight humanity with the right flavors. In the face of all the lies and deceit, he continues to dance with good humor, convinced that good chocolate will eventually conquer all evil.

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