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Bart Swings awarded Belgium a second medal on the second day of the World Games in Birmingham (USA). Karateka Quentin Mahauden was ranked seventh by weightlifter Jeroen Van Heesvelde and the dancing couple was ranked ninth. Read their performance below.

  1. 11 a.m. 08. Watch Mary Peters and Benedict Andres in the rock ‘n’ roll semi-finals.

    Watch Mary Peters and Benedict Andres in the rock ‘n’ roll semi-finals

  2. 10 a.m. 47. Powerlifter Jeroen Van Heesvelde is 9th. Heavyweight Jeroen Van Heesvelde finished ninth in powerlifting. 32-year-old Van Hesvelde gained a total of 942.5 kg (365 kg for the squat, 267.5 kg for the bench press and 310 kg for the deadlift). He got 96.40 points. Light Ukrainian Volodymyr Resheyev lifted a total of 1,002.5 kilograms and took gold with 108.87 points. The silver went to Ian Bell (US Virgin Islands), and the bronze went to Danilo Kovalov (Ukraine). †
  3. 10 p.m. Dancers Benedict Andres and Mary Peters swing in the semi-finals. The semi-finals were the last stop for dancers Benedict Andres and Mary Peters. In a rock and roll competition. They finished ninth in the semi-finals with 67.59 points. The Belgian duo finished tenth in the first round with a total of 54.14 and then took their place in the semi-finals of the “Round of Hope” with fourth place (60.14). For the final match on Saturday, 6 doubles were selected from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic and France. †
  4. 08h30. The 10 km roller coaster race has been cancelled. Normally, Bart Swings was supposed to skate in the 10km elimination race on Saturday, but the race was canceled due to a heavy thunderstorm just before the start. The sixteen participants waited hours, but in vain. Skating on a wet track is very dangerous. On the first day, the rain also threw a wrench in the works, but then the races could go on – with a delay. The snowshoeing program begins on Sunday. The swing already took the gold in the 10km elimination points and the bronze in the 1000m, in total. †
  5. 10-07-2022.
  6. 9 pm 41. Mohawden was killed in the Karate group stage. Quentin Mahauden failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Karate Championships in the under 75 kg category in Birmingham. Quentin Mahaudin, 20, was eliminated from the group stage for fourth and final place in his group. The top 2 qualified for the semi-finals. & nbsp; Young Mohauden, gold medalist at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, won the first tie (5-5) against Kazakhstan’s Nurkanat Azikanov, before losing to Egypt’s Abdullah Adel Al-Aziz (4-12) and Ukraine’s Stanislav Horona (0-2). The latter two reached the semi-finals. Mohauden finished fifth at the World Championships last year and third at the European Under-21 Championship. †
  7. 21 hours 38.
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