Worrying about Princess Anita after taking the first photo in a long time

Worrying about Princess Anita after taking the first photo in a long time

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Worrying about Princess Anita after taking the first photo in a long time

Prince Peter’s wife Christian has been struggling with her health for years.

Prince Peter Christian, son of Princess Margaret, at his best. This weekend he finished the marathon in Berlin, he proudly announced on Twitter. But many people are concerned about the health of his wife, Princess Anita, also because of a tweet.

New image

We sometimes see Princess Anita on King’s Day, but of course it’s been more than two years since the entire royal family showed up. For a long time, Peter’s wife Christian was out of the picture, until the prince shared a picture of his family to celebrate his 16th wedding anniversary. The photo shows Anita (center) with children Emma (14) and Peter (12), but we have to look twice before we get to know the princess.

How are you really

Princess Anita underwent major back surgery twenty years ago, and as a result, she once said, no longer wears high heels. But after seeing the photo above, many people are wondering if there is more. We know very little about him. according to Spread Anita had been “sick for years” and “intentionally screwed up somewhat” by the royal family. It is of course understood that Prince Peter Christian’s family, which is less in the picture than many others anyway Royal Relatives, do not talk about Anita’s health.

Princess Anita and Prince Peter Christian, King's Day 2019. Photo: BRONOPRES

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Princess Anita and Prince Peter Christian, King’s Day 2019. Photo: BRONOPRES

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according to insiders Is it a good sign that the PC is sharing a picture of his wife because it indicates that she will be on the better side. We sincerely hope so! and for Van Oranje-Van Vollenhovens to be part of the party on the next King’s Day.

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