Young men in suits go to Minions here too

In line with the presentation of the new animated film Disciples: The Rise of Groz† It is a new trend all over the world. The distributor also announced today in the Netherlands that young men in suits are going to see the movie Universal Pictures.

The trend started on TikTok. The audience who became a fan of . For more than ten years despicable meThe series from which the Minion grew up is now out of school or college. Under the hashtag #Gentleminion, videos have been shared frequently in the US, UK and Australia in recent days of older students and younger students flocking to the Minion in elegant tuxedos.

Young men in minions suits

Universal Pictures already reported on Twitter last week that all of the visitors in the suits “see you and love you.” However, these visitors also caused problems in a number of British cinemas. For example, according to British media, the chains Regal and Odeon announced that they will no longer allow large groups of adults in suits in the movie Minions in some theaters because they may cause inconvenience.

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Pictures circulated on social media of large groups of #Gentleminion fans causing quite a stir during the film. They also sometimes take a lot of bananas with them, a snack that yellow minions in the movies love to eat. In most theaters, it is forbidden to bring your own food into the auditorium.

Disciples: The Rise of Groz

According to Dutch division Universal Pictures, the inconvenience this group is causing in Dutch cinemas is not so bad. After Bath to me Tell them to take the guys out in suits from the movies if they make too much noise. Disciples: The Rise of Groz It’s been on for a week and is painting entire houses. The movie is about how the “world’s greatest villain” meets Minion. He forms with them the “worst crew” and takes on a team of intrepid criminals.

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