‘Your election is a fraud’: Giuliani tells Pennsylvania ‘I know cheaters well’ as it appears in Gettysburg

Rudy Giuliani, during an investigation in Pennsylvania, called the election in their state “a fraud” and accused the “fraudsters” of conducting an illegal poll and working to prevent Donald Trump’s victory.

Despite telling a federal judge that it was “not a fraud case,” the 76-year-old former mayor of New York breathed a sigh of relief from the pro-Trump crowd that cheered and cheered for the Pennsylvania residents to complain about the fraud.

It is not clear why he did not introduce their testimony in court, when he had the opportunity, or whether he intended.

Mr Giuliani told the Senate Majority Policy Committee, which met in Gettysburg, that there had been “serious irregularities” in the election – particularly in Philadelphia and the county around Pittsburgh.

“Your election – because of these two districts, and the other – is a fraud,” Mr Giuliani told those gathered at the Windham Hotel.

The former federal prosecutor, who drew laughter from the crowd, said he knew “fraudsters” and accused election officials of deliberately rigging the election.

The trial was seen by others as a farce, designed to confuse and anger Trump supporters, but had no real effect, and without context or confirmation of the allegations.

Pennsylvania certified the referendum on Monday, meaning the process is complete. Mr Biden won the state by a margin of 80,555 votes.

Mr Giuliani insisted the fraud had taken place.

He said the 682,770 e-mail votes that entered Alejandri County and Philadelphia were “not noticed by any Republicans.”

“They may have come from the same person,” he said. “There may have been multiples, none of which have a name.

“Under your state law, those votes are illegal.”

Mr Giuliani referred to the November 17 court hearing in Williamsport, Pennsylvania – where he argued before a federal judge for nearly 30 years – in which he was accused of trying to get millions of voters to vote.

“We don’t want to devalue anyone,” he said.

“We want to disqualify 682,000 votes, so 72 million people did not vote.”

Mr Giuliani said 22,686 e-mails were returned on the day of the ballot.

He said 32,591 were returned the day after the mail was sent, and “20,000 returned before the mail was sent.”

“I think this is a low number – I think the fraudsters in Philadelphia are disappointed about this – but there were 8,021 votes from the dead.”

Mr Giuliani told Republicans he had problems with his mail-in ballot – a key component of the Trump administration’s legal argument.

“The mail-in votes received were not checked by any Republicans. They were hidden from Republicans,” he said.

He said he “can’t be completely sure”.

“In your state, Republicans were laid out in the same way – they were put on the slopes like cows.

He said this happened in “the most restricted democratic cities”.

“It gives you more to cheat. When you have 2.5 million, you have a huge limit to cheat.”

Mr Trump was at the forefront when he went to sleep, but he again expressed surprise that that lead had evaporated.

“What contradictions did they all change overnight? They changed by the next day.”

As more Democrats voted by mail than Republicans, the lead evaporated, and as their votes slowly counted, the pendulum turned in favor of Mr Biden.

Mr Giuliani introduced the Republican referendum observers and observers, saying that their ballots were missing, that the referendum observers were far away from the ballot counters, and that the USB sticks had mysteriously disappeared.

“What I saw was not a safe and transparent election,” said Justin Queder, a lawyer in Philadelphia.

“There are great concerns about the legitimacy of the hundreds of thousands of ballots counted in Pennsylvania.”

Another poll observer, Greg Steinstrom, said 47 USB cards were missing in Delaware County.

“As a computer scientist, an American and a patriot, it doesn’t matter who those votes were for. I was shocked that it could even happen,” he said.

“There is no cure and no cure.

“I do not believe this as a citizen and observer. Anyone can attest to this with a good conscience.”

No one was called to explain what they were witnessing, or what the ethics should be.

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