Your opinion says goodbye to the New Public Administration

Farewell to New Public Management as an administrative philosophy in The Hague Circles. As the ministry coordinating the operations, the Interior Ministry officially distances itself from the matter.


This is evident from the 2024 Interior Budget. According to the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, efforts must be made across the government to create a reliable, service-oriented and fair government, because society demands it. As a government service, this means being linked to society, policy, policy and the organizations involved in implementation. This does not include the philosophy that emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness.


This management philosophy gained popularity in the second half of the last century, also in our country, when government tasks increased sharply. Particularly similar to the United Kingdom (Thatcher years), a more commercial approach to spending public funds was chosen in order to organize public finances. The name given to it was New Public Management, where efficiency and effectiveness were the prevailing values.

Fragmented control

Although, according to the Ministry of the Interior, the efficiency and effectiveness of government as a whole remains worth monitoring, “it is important to no longer rely on the new public administration.” After all, the focus is largely on “fragmented management” and “the performance of your organization.” From now on, for BZK, the business should be done mainly “on the basis of public value addition”. The social mission and service function of government in relation to society are the starting points.

Listening government

Outgoing Interior Minister De Jonge wants to see a government that “listens to what is going on, ensures signals get through about what is or is not going well, and ensures there is scope for action in cases where policies and legislation are not implemented”. If unintended disproportionate outcomes are provided or have disproportionate consequences, solutions can be provided.

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Most important of all, in his view, governments work together, across regulatory boundaries. “In 2024, as part of the further development of the new management philosophy of the (centralized) government, new forms of management and accountability will be developed, in which the social mission and realization of values ​​that we find meaningful as a society are centralized,” the government promises. CDA Minister. Organizational forms that stand in the way of desired management and accountability are removed.

Change the culture

Various government-level initiatives should support the new way of working, such as a revised Oath of Office, a Civil Service Professionalism Guide containing shared core principles and values, a policy compass, and dialogue on ethical and moral issues in the workplace. In addition, according to de Jong, continuous investments are being made in behavioral and cultural change, where work for the greater good of society is more clearly expressed.

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