your opinion | When online features or modes are disabled, trophies/achievements should always be awarded

Games nowadays come with a lot of features and capabilities ranging from multiplayer to creating your own content. It’s supposed to give you the best results for your money and keep the community engaged. However, over time, some items may be disabled. What often happens is that the servers eventually shut down, because the number of players is too low or the costs simply are no longer profitable.

Not only does this have to be limited to multiplayer, it can also be related to another part of the game. A good example of this is that the coalition released him last week I know They’re getting the Map Maker out of Gears 5. This is so they can deploy the resources they require elsewhere. Too bad for users hungry for this feature, but the developer has come up with a good compensation: the associated achievements are awarded to everyone.

This is an interesting point to discuss. As a result of this action by The Coalition, everyone can still get access to 1,000 gamerscores in Gears 5. Players who didn’t get achievements associated with the map creator were granted automatically. This way no one who enters later and still loves to work to the fullest is left out. But also for players who already got achievements, there was compensation in the form of 10,000 in-game coins.

This is an approach that we rarely see, because often servers or functions are disabled after a long time and then there is nothing to be achieved in this regard in terms of award achievements. Now there are so many games that consumers often have a backlog. If this game comes only years later and you love it so much, you might be motivated to go for the 1000 gamerscore or Platinum Trophy. However, if some functions no longer work, you can forget about them.

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Which is a shame, because you can’t expect every player to play a game immediately after its release or shortly thereafter. So it would be reasonable, as the Alliance does, to award players with reward achievements that can no longer be achieved naturally after a certain modification in the game. After all, nothing is more annoying than being a die-hard collector and getting stuck because servers or jobs are offline.

The other discussion is of course whether there should be online achievements and trophies in games at all, because it is inevitable that servers will go down at some point. It’s of course a small part of the game, but you’re really removing the consumer-paying chip for it. Now there’s no point in complaining about it, because servers not connecting is part of the terms you accept. But some bonus towards players in terms of achievements/trophies wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The Alliance can be commended for its approach in this regard, but that also brings us to the core of your opinion. Should developers really award achievements and awards if they can no longer be achieved in the normal way? Or is this really something for the player under the guise of “you should have been there soon”? Do you think differently about it? All of this is possible and this provides space for an interesting discussion. Let’s know about that below.

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