Four excellent websites for dividend investors

best dividend websites

I’ve commented in the past about the lack of online resources for UK dividend investors. There’s simply not a lot of sites dedicated to the art of dividend investing.

Having said that, here’s a look at four sites that I find very useful for researching dividend stocks.

The Motley Fool

This may be a little biased, because I currently write for the company, but The Motley Fool really is a great place to find information about UK listed stocks.

Every day, The Motley Fool publishes a selection of high-quality articles in relation to UK stocks and investing / wealth management. With a team of over 10 freelance writers, constantly writing about UK listed stocks, it means that most stocks are covered on a regular basis.

The Motley Fool takes a long-term approach to investing, so you can be sure that the analysts are writing with a long-term investment horizon in mind.

The company also offers a selection of premium subscription based newsletters, such as Share Advisor and Hidden Winners, which could be worth a look if you’re looking for regular recommendations. The prices of these reports are very competitive relative to other stock picking services.

Motley Fool

Source: Motley Fool

Seeking Alpha

Another free website, Seeking Alpha is a US-based website that mainly focuses on US stocks. However, given that many of the largest FTSE 100 stocks are listed in both the UK and the US, there’s many articles written about popular stocks such as Royal Dutch Shell, BHP Billiton, BT Group and Lloyds Banking Group.

Anyone who signs up to the website can contribute to Seeking Alpha (I have written for the site in the past), and there’s some excellent detailed information on the site.

Many writers on the site favour dividend growth investing, meaning there’s quite a bit of high-quality information related to dividend stocks.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is one of the most popular online brokers in the UK, and I use the broker myself for my self invested personal pension (SIPP).

The Hargreaves Lansdown website is a fantastic site to find basic information such as a company’s financials, and you don’t need to be an account holder to access it.

The website is very easy to use and you can find information such as a stock’s dividend history or recent news announcements very quickly. The broker also provides research in relation to many of the most popular stocks on a regular basis.

Overall it’s a very good free resource.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Source: Hargreaves Lansdown


Lastly, if you’re looking to take your research to the next level, Stockopedia is a fantastic database for serious investors.

I subscribed to Stockopedia earlier this year for the first time, and I can genuinely say it’s an amazing website.

Whether you’re looking for a company’s balance sheet, cash flow statement, or dividend history, it’s all there and very easy to find. I especially love Stockopedia’s screening function, which allows you to screen for stocks using a wide range of criteria. This makes finding high-quality dividend stocks a lot easier.

Given that a Bloomberg terminal (the system that most City analysts use) costs around £25,000 a year, Stockopedia is an absolute steal at a couple of hundred pounds per year. The company regular runs discount offers too, which make the service even cheaper.


Source: Stockopedia

Disclosure: Edward Sheldon, CFA owns shares in Royal Dutch Shell. 

This article is provided for general information only and is not intended to be investment advice. The value of an investment may fall. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.

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