WhatsApp is also bringing passkeys to iOS

After a few months on Android, WhatsApp has rolled out passkeys for iOS. Passkeys provide a more secure login method to log in.

After a short testing phase, WhatsApp rolled out passkeys to Android users in October 2023. Six months later, it was finally iOS's turn. WhatsApp confirms this with a post

With the introduction of passkeys, WhatsApp is ready to ditch traditional login methods. Passkeys are based on unique encryption key pairs that are stored on your device. This function replaces the one-time text message when installing WhatsApp on a new phone. Thanks to this password-free system, you can save time when installing WhatsApp on a new device.

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Do you want to use passkeys? You will find the job in the list account In settings. Then you go to Pass keys And create your unique key. Then choose a password manager to store the key in, it doesn't have to be iCloud, and confirm with your fingerprint, face scan, or PIN. You can revoke the passkey at any time.

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