These occupations often cause hearing damage

Ringing in your ears, headache, fatigue, overstimulation, and hearing loss. Every day, about 900,000 people are exposed to loud noise at work. Despite the Working Conditions Act, hearing damage due to noise at work has been a concern for years Top 3 of the most common occupational diseases. Today, on International noise awarenessToday, global attention is paid to hearing damage.

According to research, people who suffer from hearing damage due to their work report illness more often, and also suffer from complaints of fatigue or exhaustion more often than people without hearing damage. Search by CZ. In addition, more and more studies indicate that hearing damage is one of the causes Risk factor for dementia.

The noisiest professions

According to Arbo, working for eight hours with a sound of 80 decibels is harmful. If the sound is louder, someone could suffer hearing damage during a workday.

These are the noisiest professions according to Arbo And Hearing care professionals:

  • Airport ground crew
  • construction workers
  • Musicians
  • Factory workers
  • Childcare workers and teachers
  • Sports teachers
  • Pool staff
  • Truck drivers
  • Police officers
  • Iron workers
  • Defense personnel
  • Staff serving food or at events

Hearing damage in gym teachers

Gym teachers have also complained for years about poor acoustics in gyms. Research by Fontys Hogescholen shows they are right: the noise exceeds the legal safe noise standard of 80 dB and is therefore too loud.

“We are very shocked by this and I also find it dangerous that physical education teachers who do such important work do not actually have a safe working environment,” researcher Saskia Toender told reporters. Indicator. “We see in our first measurements that there are violations in all the rooms that were examined. “Then you have to consider noise levels above 80 dB, but in a number of halls inspected, the counter reached 88 dB or 92 dB (a noise maker similar to a passing train).”

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Hearing protection

Employers have a legal obligation to prevent all harm to their employees, including hearing damage. For example, they must provide information about the dangers of working in a lot of noise and provide hearing protection at a noise level of 80 decibels. From 85 decibels and above, employees must wear hearing protection. Employers should also try to reduce noise, for example by purchasing quieter machines.

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